My brock 100 photos

I used a low key light for these photographs with a light shining onto half of their face.


This is probably my favourite photograph taken in this shoot. With the relaxed pose and the position the light is hitting him, makes the image look like it is paying homage to the Hunger Game posters. I like that how his shirt looks between the light and dark, with the dark shirt and the unusual pattern; it pulls more detail and highlighting every curve of his shirt. His postion fits into the rule of thirds as he isn’t in the centre of the image. His relaxed facial structure also gives the image a nicer feel to it, making it more welcoming to the viewer. The only problem is that I managed to get the top of the Colourama in the background, it could be easily photoshopped out. This was probably caused by the fact that all the models are ALOT taller then me.



This one also worked well, but I do have my problems with it. Since he wore bright colours, he is more clearer in this photo then the one above. Also the soft box in the reflection in his glasses, with pulls away from the overall look of the image. However this image has alot more detail then the one above, it is clearer to see the folds of his shirt and the shape of his hair. Once again, top of the Colourama is visualbe in the background. Me being short can’t be helped.



This one didn’t go to well. The background is too visable in the image so it pulls focus from the model. I asked to have her look away from the light to see how it would look. Personally, I think how the light is hitting her face, makes it look like a homage to Picasso’s paintings. The unusual look makes it look unique and quite different. With the mixture of different colours and texture¬†of her clothes effects the shadows on her. Like the shadow on her leggings expands across the leg when her shirt looks sharper.


Unfortunately, this photography is blurred/ out of focus. You can still see her but the photography isn’t sharp enough, it also makes her look soft which however, the softness works well with her hair and it add volume to it.


This photography is good, if it wasn’t so light. I must of have the aperture to wide. The photo is still sharp with the edges and shadows but she looks pale. This photography also fits into the rule of thirds.