Macro and the adventurage of the unfocused images

The focus on the berry as the red stands out against the greed holly leafs. The photo does highlight some of the sharp edges of the leafs, the ones closer to the leans are out of focus and brings more focus on the berry.

This image is a bit unusual as the focus was on the wed but the leaf is also pretty detailed; you are able to see all lines and marks clearly. The focus point is on where the leaf sits on the web. The web stands out brightly against the dull browns of the shed. This is my personal favourite taken that day.

The focus point moved at the last second from the leaf at the bottom left hand side. However, I was surprised how detailed everything is, even the parts which are out of focus.


If anyone is wondering why I’ve called this page ‘that’, it’s because the photos you see here are from a forth attempt to get it right. The first three are so blurred and out of focus, you’ll never be able to guess what it was. One was a smashed acorn, but in the bad attempts; it looks like something which escaped from doctor who.


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