• Use your point of focus correctly. If you put the focus on one small area, it’ll be highly detailed while everything else would be out of focus. You’ll need to do manually if you don’t own a macro lenses. The example below with the match is a good one and a nice photo, you can see every bit of ash on the match head while the smoke is going out of focus.


• Even through you can crop the size, you need to make sure the composition is right.
• Raindrops can improve a photograph as they reflect, like lenses. By focusing on the raindrops; they can pick up on the images behind them and make the photo more interesting. But it is reflecting a van which does make the photo look bad.


• Even if the background is out of focus, it is important to think about the background. The background can affect the photo; a darker colour could make the object clearer and a bright colour could pull focus away from objects, making the photo pretty ugly. In the example below, it would be a nice picture but it’s a plant against a pink background. If it wasn’t for the blurred background then you’d be playing ‘Where’s Wally?’ with the plant.